Reaching In

“Reaching Into the Church through Cultivating Disciples”






One might think that Jesus, of all people, would not have enlisted the help of others to accomplish the things the Father had sent Him to do. This One who could still the storms, raise the dead, heal the sick, make the blind see and the lame walk, bind the demonic, forgive sin, and even call ten thousand angels to his aid still enlisted a team of men, a small band of disciples.







The Bible describes the church members as “fellow heirs,” “fellow members,” “fellow partakers,” and “working together.” All speak of the fact that we are a body of people united together by our common salvation in Christ, each blessed with every spiritual blessing and complete in Christ, and under His sovereign headship and authority. This means we are not only sharers together in the blessings of salvation, but also in the calling of the gospel from the standpoint of Christ-like character and His goals, purposes, and the ministry we are to have together. It means we are a team, a body, a family, a fellowship or partnership.


As fellow members together of one body, every Christian becomes a co-member of the one body of Christ. Being likened to the human body means the church is a spiritual organism. It is made up of many members while possessing a oneness or unity.  Every believer becomes a co-member and is essential to the function of the body or the church. There are no unimportant members (1 Cor. 12:12f).

At Bethel there is:

  • a sense of commitment to the local church and its members that demonstrates the true nature of Christian love and unity to the watching world.
  • a remarkable record of resilience and perseverance.
  • strong moorings in rich, biblical tradition.
  • a cautious wisdom that avoids the theological and programmatic novelties and fads in today’s religious world.

growing disciples