December 2022

You are welcomed to join us in person on Sundays at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. or feel free to click on the “View Us Live” icon to the right to connect to Bethel’s YouTube channel and watch online.

Click on the picture below or Recent Posts to the right for more information on the services for December 4,  2022


What Are You Looking for in a Leader? – Afternoon Worship


What’s Happening at Bethel

Advent 2022

What Is God Like?

At Bethel, on November 27, 2022 we will embark on a Four-Week Series with Candle Lighting for Advent. The theme for the duration of Advent is “What is God Like?”


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Advent 2022



We’re glad you’re here and hope that in these pages you will learn a bit about us and our ministry here in Dunnville. We are a community of faith, believers in God, the father, Jesus Christ, his son and in the Holy Spirit. The 3 persons in which God has chosen to reveal himself to us and which form the basis of our beliefs. We invite you to look around and check us out. If you have questions, feel free to contact us and together we can explore how God is moving in our lives.

Dunnville is a growing community on the banks of the beautiful Grand River in southern Ontario, Canada. There is a good mix of residential, light industry, agriculture and recreational activites and it is primed to blossom into a destination point for people looking for a good quality of life.

The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) includes just over one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. About 75 percent of the churches are in the United States; 25 percent are in Canada. We’re one of only a few binational denominations: rather than split into different churches at the 49th parallel, we’re united in our faith in God.

Click the “Come Join Us” link below to see a service outline and what to expect when you walk through our doors:

Come join us!


Located at 17 Robinson Road, Just off Highway 3, Dunnville

Mailing Address: Bethel CRC, 17 Robinson Rd., RR#1  Dunnville, ON, N1A 2W1

Phone: 905-774-7285

Rev. M. Jeff Klingenberg: pastorjeff@dunnvillecrc.ca

Pastor Frank Engelage: mc4bethel@dunnvillecrc.ca

Administrative Coordinator, Andrea Thompson, Email: bethel@dunnvillecrc.ca

Music Director: Cynthia Buist, Email: music@dunnvillecrc.ca

Deacons: deacons@dunnvillecrc.ca

Clerk: RDeBoer@rosaflora.com

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