Click on the picture to Follow the excitement with “Liz” and his pals in these weekly audio adventures for kids. Great Messages wrapped-up in fun stories!


Click on the picture to hear a half-hour weekly audio program that digs deeply into scripture as a foundation for people’s lives.


family faith formation

Click on the picture to access this toolkit that will help you develop a vision for family faith formation in your congregation and equip parents and caregivers with family faith practices and resources. Includes dozens of helpful ideas organized by topic, such as “Devotions,” “Prayer,” “Technology, and more!”

10 ways faith


Whether you are a pastor, an elder, a deacon, a chaplain, a parent, or another caring church member, asking about a person’s spiritual well-being isn’t always easy. “Ten Ways to Talk with Someone About Their Faith” from Faith Formation Ministries can help! These ten conversation starters can be used in lots of different contexts to make faith conversations feel natural. Click on the link below the picture for 10 ways to talk with someone about their faith

10 waysreformed identity

This resource warmly and clearly articulates ten answers to the question “What difference does being Reformed make in my daily life?” Click on the link below the picture.

connect with children and teens


It takes a village — the whole congregation — to nurture the faith of its young people. Helping Our Children Grow in Faith author Robert J. Keeley describes the purpose and role of that village like this, “If we want our children to consider their faith a central part of who they are, if we want their faith to go beyond just their minds and hearts, then the community of faith needs to develop a number of ways to connect with young people and children” (p. 21). You’ll find ten of those ways in this one-page resource from Faith Formation Ministries. Click on the link just below the picture.

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