Together for Life: Wedding Ceremony Preparation

Marriage Preparation

This is an exciting time in your life! Now is the time to prepare for a marriage that will keep you and your future spouse together for life. Contact our pastor to begin the process. These events may take you out of your comfort zone and invite you and your future spouse into the areas where you can experience the most growth. The Church provides that all clergy under our employ and retired pastors whose credentials we hold recognize marriage as an institution ordained by God, a life-long covenant relationship between one man and one woman.

Marriage Preparation 


Make an appointment with the pastor (Pastor Jeff: OR Pastor Frank: at least six months before the date you wish to marry.  He will ask you to schedule a few visits with him to prepare for your wedding and for your marriage.  Here is a general idea of what to expect.


You may need a marriage license, or perhaps you will be able to be married by banns instead. Town Hall sells the licenses and the Church supplies the banns.  Please check with the pastor to find out whether you need a license or if you can be married by banns.


You will want to arrange the following particulars of your ceremony, according to church policies:

  • discuss with each other and the pastor the scripture you want
  • select music, make arrangements with a photographer and choose floral arrangements
  • Ensure that any rental arrangements and forms are completed (
  • prepare the announcements of your wedding to be publicized in your Church 
  • set a time for the wedding rehearsal


The Bethel Christian Reformed Church encourages couples planning to marry, to participate in a premarital program offered by the pastor. To benefit more fully from the program, it is best to participate as early as possible.

These programs address a life-long commitment in the context of the sacrament of marriage, current church issues and other topics such as communication, finances, sexual intimacy, family life, natural family planning.